Sunday, October 23, 2011


For the past several of months, I have REALLY been struggling with Sundays.  They have just been a tough day because it is the day that as a family we would go to church (in the States) and we would go and worship our KING of KINGS, we would visit with our closest of friends, and simply said, we felt at home.  It was a place to laugh, cry, pray, and most importantly we would ALL leave filled up spiritually.  Since we have been in Rio, we have all been struggling.  The church we have been going to has been GREAT, but none of us understand WHAT is going on!?  Kierra and Raegan sit patiently through the service with no little friends to talk to.  Jon sings the songs he knows and reads the scriptures that are referred to in his English Bible.  Many times I see him praying ... "deep prayers", yet I know that he, like me is struggling to understand what the pastor is saying.  We do not feel like a part of this church and it has been a struggle. 

I have been praying, God we need to be feed at a church...I prayed this prayer specifically during my quiet time today. ( I must say, I have been having some AWESOME quiet times)!  Well, when we got to church this afternoon, I was convicted!  (Honestly, I have been convicted almost every time we go, I do not understand WHAT is being SAID, but the Holy Spirit has a WAY of just knowing WHAT to say to me!)  They were singing....

"Eu estou voltando ao coração de adoração
E é tudo sobre você
Tudo sobre Você, Jesus
Me desculpe Senhor para a coisa que eu fiz isso
Quando está tudo sobre você
É tudo sobre você Jesus
Seu tudo sobre você
Você procura muito mais fundo dentro"

Which is The Heart of Worship .... I had tears the ENTIRE song...I felt the Holy Spirit saying, "Rachel, you have been so worried about YOU being fed at church and you have forgotten that it is ALL about ME!  You are to come to church and WORSHIP ME...through song, through listening to the pastor...YOU, Rachel are to WORSHIP ME! NOT a pastor and worship leader feeding YOU!"

WOW!!!  Needless to say, I left church today, completely humbled!  Reminded that even if I am not completely sure WHAT is being said, what is being sung...that it is NOT about ME...but it is about MY SAVIOR and what HE did for ME on the CROSS and the WORSHIP HE DESERVES from ME! 

My prayer is that YOU TODAY...went to church to WORSHIP HIM...and for NO OTHER REASON!!!!!

check out the song... :)