Monday, May 30, 2011

Why Write?

So, I have debated to start blogging or not...and as you can see I have decided to start.  Now, I will tell you up front...for me a blog is like a will NOT find my spelling or my grammar to be correct in these blogs.  Most of the time I will be writing out of excitement, anger, or pure joy...YES, one of my CRAZY emotions...which I know that may not always be the best time to write, but for me it is therapeutic!  I will not be going back checking to make sure I didn't miss a comma here and there or that I didn't miss a word here or there. I am writing because it is what I LOVE to do.  I am writing because I have to share what ALL GOD is doing and WHAT I know He will continue to do.  Now, I know there will be some BAD days...that is life, but stick around because you too will get to see HOW BIG MY GOD is and HOW HE still gets the GLORY no matter my circumstances!  I pray that through this blog you will be encouraged by my family's comings and goings...which by the way...we are in the mist of GOING...GOING to RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL!!!  We are all so excited about going...but you will soon hear a lot more about that.  For now, I just had to get something going...I had to PRAISE GOD for HOW HE is providing for US and for dear precious friendships!  I praise God for my AWESOME husband Jon and my precious daughters ...and our temporary son...LOL!  You will hear about him later.

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