Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Since the Beginning....

Right now I should be packing all the items that are just laying around our house...oh, it sometimes overwhelms me...you know the last detailed stuff is what is the hardest.  But instead I am sitting here at the computer because I have a special prayer request hoping the ones that read this may pause and pray for us...and along with this prayer request I have a short encouraging story to share about a friend.  They both kinda go together...so just follow me.  :)

I will share the story first because I have been dieing to share this story for several days now.  One of my dear friends (another "hero") that I have known since 2003 came by to visit the girls and me the other day.  She and her family watched us sell everything the first time and go to Brazil in 2006.  They supported us and encouraged us along the way.  They actually gave us our English/Portuguese Bible.  Along the way, we have spent countless hours praying together listening to each others burdens and then taking them to the Lord.  Late in life she decided to have a career change, actually a couple of them.  She is SO PASSIONATE about the Lord and sharing Him with whoever she encounters. 

Well, she is now going to nursing school which in itself is only because of GOD.  English is her second language (which she speak English WAY better than I do!) and she has been out of school for a while.  What is cool is God loves to use the weak to show HIS Strength, He loves to use the foolish to show HIS WISDOM...and she continually gives HIM all the Glory!  So anyways, she is SO excited about being in nursing school about loving on the sick and wounded...but not only that she sees it as her mission field.  She prays with the sick...she shares Jesus with them!  Oh, it is awesome! 

She shared one story with me that has had me thinking for a while now.  She said that she met a nurse in the NICU that takes care of the babies that were born early or with complications.  The nurse shared with her that she will never quit working there because she feels like God placed her there to specifically pray over this little babies while they are in her care.  So this nurse prays for them and simply loves on them using the "hands of Jesus".  She said that this may be the only time that this child may ever be prayed for as a child and she sees it as her mission to pray for them. 

I WAS SO BLESSED HEARING THIS!  So many times we think, "Oh, this child in foster care has no chance", or "That poor child over there",  or even sometimes you think ...."Poor me!"  But to think that God places people in your life that are praying for you from the BEGINNING!!!!  WOW!!!  For some it may be a grandmother, for others a nurse, some are blessed with godly parents...But the MOST comforting thing is to know that, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations." Jeremiah 1:5  God has had a plan for us before we were even in our mother's womb...now we must choose to FOLLOW HIM...but oh what a blessing!

Now, to the prayer request...we have been praying GOD's WILL not OURS...so we ask you to pray the same.  The lady that was going to move in to our house was going to lease to purchase.  She is moving in on the 15th of June.  Now, we are not thrilled about the lease to purchase, but once again, NOT our Will...but GOD's.  And we would rather have someone in the house, and we are praying that she will be able to buy the house SOON.  She is waiting for her house to sell up North.  

Well, we received word on Friday that she was having to wait for one more approval from her job BEFORE she could move here.  I think she was a little shocked by this and of course so are we.  But once again, NOT our Will, God's Will.  We have continued to pack and are moving out this weekend.  We have received escrow money, but no contract.  We just ask that you pray because we really would like for ALL of this to be settled by the 15th.  Once again, we have been praying if this is NOT who God wants in the house that HE would take care of the details.  We TRUST HIM.
The second thing is we also are trying to go to Atlanta for the VISAs.  All paperwork is in order praise GOD...EXCEPT for one little (or could be BIG!) thing...we have purchased our ONE WAY tickets...leave August 2nd because you cannot by TWO WAY ...we may return in late June 2012, but it would be more than 330 days out and the airline will not let you do that.  The VISA people want TWO-WAY tickets OR itinerary.  We have printed an itinerary that has the 330 day point.  We are just wanting to find favor in their eyes with ALL the paperwork that we have. 

Please pray for us over the next couple of weeks.  Life will be changing dramatically for us...Santeri leaves on the 12th, we move out of the house that SAME weekend, and go to Atlanta on the 14th?  we think...and if it God's Will we will finish signing the paperwork on the house on the 15th...so

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