Thursday, July 21, 2011

Humbled by His the younger generation!

Last night, God once again, humbled our family beyond words.  This time it was by children.  It was apparently a well-kept secret in the Lifepoint children’s group!  Several weeks ago, while we were at PFO (Pre-Field Orientation) our church had their yearly VBS.  Kierra and Raegan were very disappointed that they didn’t get to go this year, but they had to be at our PFO.  Of course, God had HIS purpose and His plan in all of this!  Well, apparently during VBS, they collect change for a ministry.  They began collecting money and one of the 5th graders approached John Edmonds (the children’s pastor) and asked if they could give the change to the Isbell family.  John told the 5th grader that $1000 dollars had already been committed to Calvary Rescue Mission, BUT if they raised any extra, they could give it to the Isbell’s.

 Now, first of all, I want to say, Calvary Rescue Mission is one of our families FAVORITE local missions.  It is a men’s homeless shelter on Third Street in Memphis.  We have gone there several times to serve meals to the men and to simply love on the men.  Kierra and Raegan ask ALL the time WHEN we will go back…so when I heard their goal was to raise $1000 for the shelter…I already began to get tears in my eyes! If you every want to be Jesus’ hands and feet contact Calvary Rescue Mission!!!!  GREAT MINISTRY!!!!

Well, John told us last night (with several of the 5th graders) that they put the challenge out.  They had $700 in change. They had collected this amount over the week and they only had one more day to reach the goal of $1000.  If they bring in anything over $1000, it would go to the Isbell family.  Mr. John told these 5th graders they needed to pray that God would provide.  So these young ones, by faith, did just that!!!  They went home and prayed!!!!   The last day of VBS they collected PAST the goal….MORE than what they asked for!!!!

Last night a couple of the 5th graders gave us a check for $300 and some change!!!!!  Can you believe that!!!!  Not only did these VBS kids at Lifepoint raise $1000 dollars for Calvary Rescue Mission, but we also received $300 plus change!  GOD is AWESOME!!!  I set there in tears…OF COURSE!!! 

This morning, as a family we discussed how God would want us to use this money and WE ALL agreed that GOD has something special set aside in Brazil for this money!!!!  We can’t wait to see WHO we will be able to help!!!  Kierra and Raegan are SO excited and so are WE!  We are praying that God will show us HOW He wants us to use HIS money to bless someone else!  So, LIFEPOINT KIDS…..You are getting to impact someone in another country…thank you for digging in the couches…breaking the piggy banks…and begging for change from your parents!  We love you all!  Stay tuned for HOW GOD uses your sacrifice of LOTS, and LOTS, and LOTS of CHANGE!!!! 

Luke 1:50His mercy extends to those who fear him, from generation to generation.” 

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