Saturday, August 25, 2012

First Week of School and MORE...

So, we have LOVED our first week of school!  Kierra is enjoying 7th grade.  She has a locker and changes from one class to another.  She is a BIG girl now! Raegan loves her second grade class.  They have 4 new students in the class and she has become friends with one of the little girls.  Jon has been a busy guy, as he assist 7th grade Bible and 8th grade Bible AND working on ALL the IT stuff.  I LOVE my sweet 5th graders!  They are hands will be full this year.  I have 14 students, 4 girls, 10 boys!  OH MY!  Pray for ALL of us as we continue to adjust to the school year.

We were also blessed to move into an apartment just a couple of minutes away from the school.  The girls love coming home early and not having to be at school so early.  We are pretty much settled except for TWO very important things...our washing machine has not been working since we moved into the apartment (2 weeks ago) and the HOT water has not been we ask that you pray for these simple, but oh so important things to get fixed.

We have made new friends with the new teachers that came in this year.  They are all AWESOME, hard working people!  Pray for their transition her to Rio.

Thought I would share some pictures of our happenings....

Our first weekend back to Rio, we went on a hike in Copacabana.  We actually went to the Copacabana Fort.  It was beautiful!

Along the way, Kierra LOVED taking pictures of the cute little monkeys.  

Beautiful views from the fort.

Copacabana Beach

New teachers and old... :)

Raegan lost her FIRST tooth!!!  She wouldn't let Jon pull it, but she let one of the cleaning ladies at our school pull it! :)

First day of school!  Kierra - 7th Grade, Raegan - 2nd Grade

My 5th Grade class!  They are a silly bunch! :)

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