Saturday, August 4, 2012

Thank you for all the LOVE!!! Summer '12

Summer FUN 2012
     Over the summer we have seen many people, driven to many cities, and what we have ALL been in awe of is how EVERYONE has loved on us so.  We have been blessed with HUGS, HUGS, HUGS, school supplies, medicine, prayers, MANY dinner dates and COFFEE BREAKS!  We want to THANK everyone for your Southern hospitality. There were several friends and family that we didn't get to see, but know you are in our thoughts!  We ask that you continue to pray for us as we have a busy next few weeks.  We will be moving into a new apartment (CLOSE to SCHOOL, PTL!), we will be in MANY, MANY meetings, helping new teachers find their way around RIO, and then STARTING CLASSES around the 20th of August.  Please pray for Raegan and, especially, Kierra who are having worries of not having any friends in their new classes.  Pray that they will TRUST the LORD because HE is Sovereign!  We will keep you posted on our new mailing address and as always, if you would like to support the NICS mission...check out their website. ( You will also find a place on the website to donate...just find our families name!

The following is a quick snapshot of the people and places we saw this summer....

The "Three Musketeers" reunited again!

Yeah, she is from the SOUTH!!!  Loves the four-wheeler!

I (Rachel) had the honor of working with the kid's program for NICS - PFO.  
Teens at the Civil Right's Museum

I even ran into JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!  

Fun Times at the ZOO with NICS PFO kids!

Headed to Hardy, AR with the McGonagill family for some relaxation.  Paige and I found a way to cook...without a stove!  

Praising GOD STILL for all the school supplies and meds that LIFEPOINT women provided for our family!  We were so BLESSED!!!!  Thank YOU!

Homemade screen projector at the Witt's home.  They use this as they sing the song with their small group!  It was such a blessing visiting with this precious group of people!

Mike and Kathy Witt....blessed by your hospitality!

Love "redheaded Ethan" Raegan calls him.  Blessed by another Witt family! 

Raegan and Lex rockin' out at Uncle Joseph and Aunt Sara's house in Mobile.

Yummy dinner at Harmon's Catfish.  Blessed to visit with my family...including my 90 something year old Aunt Pearl!

My of my spiritual roll models.

Dinner at Rio Lindo!  YUMMY!!!!  Love my Lifepoint small group!  Sorry, the picture was taken after some of you left! :S

Hanging with the Pillstroms.  It was a JOY to see Lynleigh for the FIRST TIME!!!  

Kierra got BAPTIZED this summer!  Wow, to see her really owning her PERSONAL relationship with the LORD...AWESOME!  Uncle Brandon and Aunt Bridget came to witness her baptism.

Out to dinner with some old high school friends in the big town of OXFORD! 

Hanging with one of my besties at Kierra's birthday slumber party.

During Kierra's slumber party, we decided to silly string them...little did we know how it would end....WE got stringed!

Some of Kierra's BFF's!

Emma holding Kierra's hand while she got her ears pierced for her birthday...

Kierra is so proud of her new earrings...and she didn't even cry! LOL!

Homemade pizza night with Aunt Bridget....

and Uncle Brandon...

The Isbell brothers and their mom, Linda.

The Isbell brothers with their better halves... :)

Raegan and Kierra with their cousins, Eli and Nick.

Jon TORE apart some ribs....oh, Southern food how he missed you!

Raegan is doing what she does away hugs!  Aunt Pearl is LOVING IT!

Mawmaw with Kierra, Raegan, and their cousin Evelyn.

All the pretty ladies... Mawmaw, Mimi, Rachel, Kierra, Raegan, and Evelyn.

As you can tell we LOVED every minute of our summer vacation.  There are SO MANY people and places (like New Prospect Baptist Church) that we visited, and we received the BEST Southern hospitality! You just got a snapshot of all the HUGS and LOVE we got.  Thank you ALL for taking care of us and filling us up for our mission here in Rio.  Keep us in your prayers.


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  1. Beautiful pics Rachel!!!!! Beautiful family God Bless you all!!!
    Katia Waltemath